The Nordic Advertising Market in 5 Charts

With a shared population of just 27 million, the Nordic countries are some of the most advanced, creative digital advertising markets in the world. Here are five charts showing where they stand right now:

1. A display market worth $1.5 billion in 2017

Display Ad Spend in the Nordics, 2017 ($)

Data from eMarketer, March 2017

2. The Nordics is a leader in digital in particular - how do we know this? A number of our markets have some of the highest digital ad spend as a percentage of overall spend:

Digital Ad Spend Share of Total Media Ad Spend, 2017 (%)

Data from eMarketer, March 2017

Here's that same data, put alongside the other top countries worldwide for digital ad spend percentage - as you can see, Norway and Denmark are around #3 and #5 in the world:

Digital Ad Spend Share of Total Media Ad Spend (% 2016-2020)

Data from eMarketer, March 2017

3. All markets are now rapidly adopting programmatic as a way of trading media easier, faster and better - here's where programmatic as a percentage of all media stood at last year:

Percentage of Digital Spend that is Programmatic (2016)

Data from Local IABs & Danske Medier

4. Video is a key area for programmatic, and the Nordics look set to see big programmatic video revenue growth this year:

Programmatic Video Revenue - Percentage Growth in 2017

Data from SpotX / IHS Research

So there you have it, five charts showing the current state of digital advertising across the Nordics - with programmatic, video, mobile and header bidding all key areas to watch over the next 12-24 months.

Meanwhile, it would also be interesting to see the share of overall spend the duopoly (Google and Facebook) holds versus over countries, and how this alters in future. This is especially true given the fears that arose among brands around YouTube in particular earlier this year.

Daniel Ahlbert