Netric and Brand Metrics Join Forces to Grow Brand Spend in Digital Advertising across the Nordics

Netric, the leading Nordic ad exchange, has partnered with Swedish brand lift tech platform Brand Metrics, enabling publishers to report branding effects on advertising campaigns delivered through its platform. This will in turn help to satisfy advertisers’ increasing demand for transparency, control and more brand-centric metrics in programmatic media buying. All results are benchmarked, Netric and Brand Metrics will also be able to offer integrated reporting, including metrics from Rubicon Project’s system.

As data-led advertising continues to evolve, this is part of a development towards more sophisticated metrics, that better measure the effectiveness of advertising and how it influences people. The partnership stands to add value both for publishers, who want to be able to prove the value that their content and audience create for advertisers, as well as buyers and agencies looking for more brand-centric KPIs.

Programmatic, like digital advertising as a whole, has traditionally been seen above all as performance or direct response medium. But as all media transition to being digital, from TV to radio and outdoor, the need to run branding campaigns programmatically also increases – and with it, demand to measure branding effects with the consumer.

Daniel Ahlbert, CEO, Netric said: “Our customers are some of the top premium publishers across the Nordic region. It is natural that where digital spend on branding campaigns is increasing, these media owners will be a first port of call for such campaigns. Alongside our commitment to transparency and utmost quality in advertising, our partnership with Brand Metrics responds to a real market need. Crucially, it also promises to benefit publishers, brands and advertisers alike.”

Mikael Larsson, Co-Founder, Brand Metrics said: “We see a big shift going on in the market right now. On one side we see advertisers prioritizing control, looking for relevance, brand safety and a high quality context that supports and builds their brand. On the other side, we see a lot of premium publishers fully able to offer just that, but not being able to leverage and monetise proportionally on their inventory. By being able to measure and report brand lift, publishers and advertisers can engage in discussions focusing on effect and value instead of bad proxy metrics”.

About Netric

Netric is responsible for the expansion of the Rubicon Project technology in the Nordics. Netric supports the market with a superior service layer, including support, training, analysis and advice. We believe these are key elements in getting the most value out of every impression. Netric provide the service to premium publishers across the four Nordic countries and Netric is headquartered in Stockholm.

About Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics Sweden AB offers a GDPR compliant, SaaS-based technology, enabling publishers to measure and report brand lift (Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Brand Preference, Action/Purchase Intent) in an automated way and at scale The platform combines robust, secure technology with a unique scientific algorithm that enables publishers to measure and report brand lift fo any type of advertising on any device.

Daniel Ahlbert