Netric and Playad Announce Innovative Partnership in Programmatic Video

Netric, the leading Nordic ad exchange, and PlayAd Media Group, the leading online video network in the Nordic region have announced an innovative partnership to drive even more revenue for premium publishers’ video content.

PlayAd Media Group’s tech stack includes an Online Video Platform (OVP) as well Video Ad Server. Netric brings to the table a leading exchange platform, powered by Rubicon Project, that covers all media types, as well as the latest techniques such as header bidding and supply path optimisation.

Both parties’ technologies are entirely complementary. And both share a dedication to working with premium publishers and delivering premium experiences with advertising.

Programmatic video across the Nordics is set for huge growth over the next few years, according to numerous reports. IHS* for instance says that programmatic video ad spend is set to double in both Denmark and Finland and increase by 161% in Sweden and 169% in Norway. Programmatic video growth across Europe will outpace even mobile programmatic (39% vs 12%).

The above estimates do not include outstream video. Outstream has proven to be a highly successful and ever more valuable revenue stream for publishers, especially where in-player advertising is sold out. According to the IAB in the UK, more than half of video revenue comes from outstream formats. Both Netric and PlayAd Media Group support outstream for their customers.

Heli Brewitz, Head of Programmatic, Playad: ”Our programmatic business for instream video tripled in 2017 compared to 2016 and will continue to be one of our focus areas. What we see today is an enormous potential for programmatic outstream video in our cooperation with Netric and Rubicon.

Daniel Ahlbert, CEO of Netric: “Video is a hugely important area for our publisher clients. Just looking at the past year, we saw video revenues on our platform grow 55% between Q3 and Q4. And with the further adoption of outstream, the potential is there to grow even more in future. But it’s also crucial we continue to attract the best quality brands, formats and video creative. PlayAd Media Group's offering is one that will definitely help us on our mission to achieve this, and we look forward to working closely with them.”

About Netric

Netric is responsible for the expansion of the Rubicon Project technology in the Nordics. Netric supports the market with a superior service layer, including support, training, analysis and advice. We believe these are key elements in getting the most value out of every impression. Netric provide the service to premium publishers across the four Nordic countries and Netric is headquartered in Stockholm.

About Playad

PlayAd Media Group (PMG) is a technology driven digital media company offering advertisers, publishers and content providers a complete solution for online video. The company empowers a syndicated online TV platform (YouPlay) with more than 20M streams per month, and distributes engaging video in-banner experiences in a brand safe environment across the Nordic region.

The company was recently internationally awarded in The European Business Awards as a National Champion and received a gold medal in the category Entrepreneur of the year. The company is also the only media company in Sweden that, for three consecutive years, has received the prestigious DI Gasellen and The Deleoittes Fast 50 Award, which ranks the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden. Offices/locations: Stockholm, Sweden (HQ), Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark and Helsinki, Finland.

* IHS 2017 – growth figures comparing 2017 and 2020 numbers. Overall growth versus mobile is from 2015-2020.

Daniel Ahlbert