The State of Programmatic in the Nordics - Video Interviews

At the Netric/Rubicon Project Automation Summit last month, we spoke to a number of our speakers for a closer gauge on the state of the market.

In the following video, leaders from Bonnier, IUM Norway, and Netric answer the question “What is the current situation in your local advertising market?”

IUM Head of Programmatic for Norway Vivian Vestre: “Publishers are making more and more inventory available… You have more premium placements available, as well as new targeting methods - the programmatic market is definitely still growing.”

Relevant Digital CEO Petri Kokkonen: “The Finnish market is doing well - in display, both programmatic and native especially are still growing. There are still a lot of discussions going on around GDPR and IAB is releasing a new framework. Lots of interesting stuff is happening.”

Bonnier News Head of Programmatic Lena Tehrani: “There’s definitely been a change in digital covering everything, whereas last year it was much more of a line between programmatic and everything else.”

Moving into specifics, lots of people at the Summit seemed to be talking about programmatic guaranteed. So naturally, we also asked our speakers for their view on this topic:

Bonnier News Head of Programmatic Lena Tehrani: “Traditionally we had an ad ops team just managing direct sales. Now we have everything that come in via programmatic guaranteed being handled by the traditional ad ops team, which shows that everything is changing - not just the way we’re transacting, but also how the organisation is built.”

IUM Head of Programmatic for Norway Vivian Vestre: “Some time in the near future I think everything will be bought through programmatic guaranteed rather than IO.”

Netric New Business Director Ludwig Ekström: “A year ago, programmatic guaranteed could mean 4 or 5 different things… most people now understand what it is now, which I believe is a big win in itself.”

Look out for more videos to follow in this series soon!

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Daniel Ahlbert