Video, Audio & Podcast Advertising in the Nordics - State of the Market

Video and audio/podcast are two of the most exciting areas right now - for publishers and advertisers alike.

We spoke to leaders from Bonnier, IUM Norway, and Netric to find out the state of programmatic video and audio right now across the Nordic region:

“There is definitely a high demand for video in the market… I see that local publishers in Norway have a plan in place to develop more video. And advertisers are creating more video content all of the time, so for us to be able to take that out is going to be amazing.”
- Vivian Vestre, Head of Programmatic, IUM Norway.

“Today we offer the traditional bumpers, prerolls and midrolls, but we’re looking into what else is there out there, what can we do to make things a little bit more interesting.”
Lena Tehrani, Head of Programmatic, Bonnier News.

“We need a standardised currency in video - you have a few standards currently in display like viewability… video is even more complex, and we need to make it even easier for buyers as an industry.”
- Ludwig Ekström, New Business Director, Netric.

“It’s still quite early days to see how big it will be, but we see that the audio market is growing, and growing fast in Europe.” - Petri Kokkonen, CEO, Relevant Digital.

“Audio in Norway is still quite limited. We have two publishers currently offering audio and a third working on getting it set up so we can buy it. We are interested in buying it, but it just needs more inventory available before we can start pushing it as hard as we would like to.”
- Vivian Vestre, Head of Programmatic, IUM Norway.

I think the next thing is definitely audio… Bonnier was one of the first publishers to set up podcasts in Alexa… I think a lot of tech providers will come out with interesting things that will take audio to the next level.”
- Lena Tehrani, Head of Programmatic, Bonnier News.

These videos were taken at the Netric/Rubicon Project Automation Summit in Stockholm, May 2019.

Further videos on the overall state of the Nordic markets, plus programmatic guaranteed.

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Daniel Ahlbert