Netric Sales Engineer Thomas Nikitin on New Opportunities in Header Bidding, ads.txt & Transparency

With customised adserver setups, header bidding and SPO all growing ever more popular, we felt it was time to add more dedicated technical expertise to the Netric team. So we welcome Thomas Nikitin as our latest recruit, and first Sales Engineer. Previously he was VP of Engineering at Stardoll. Among other things in his new role at Netric, he will be responsible for custom integrations and header setups for publishers.

Aller Media Programmatic Head Sassy Ferreira Berild Interview: "header bidding is working brilliantly for us"

"The great promise of programmatic has always been that opportunity of showing the right ads to the right audience at the right time."

"In other words, programmatic brings relevance – while also increasing revenue for publishers. At the same time, it should always respect the visitor – which is something that I believe, as we move further into this year, will become more of a standard."

Leeads Programmatic Head Claes Mårtén Interview: "data could change the market completely"

Leeads was founded about eight years ago by ex-Schibsted employees. The idea was to set up a new kind of tech-focused sales house, that would represent publishers both individually and collectively by vertical.

I joined the team around four years back, focusing specifically around growing our publishers’ programmatic business. We are also preparing for a new technical setup that will take us into the programmable era, looking into outdoor, audio/podcast to name a few, as they also become automated.